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“We’ve known light could be turned into electricity since 1839 when French physicist, A. E. Becquerel, discovered the photovoltaic effect. It wasn’t until the 1950s, however, that the first solar cells were available commercially, when Bell Labs produced them for use in outer space. In the decades since, improvements in solar technology have been tremendous, as have drops in solar power cost. Since 1977, the price of solar panels has dropped approximately 100 times over, and solar power is now cheaper than power from the grid for billions of people.” –Zachary Shahan

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How to choose a solar energy company 

Whether you’re considering solar or exploring the idea of solar make sure to always weed out your options. With Solar growing in popularity, many companies are offering an array of offers and ownership options and all the jargon can be a little confusing. Understand Solar can help make this process easier for you by providing you with the right type of information you would need to ask a solar company.

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What are the Best Solar Companies in California?