Our Programs


  • 2018 Earth Day Tips
  • Bike-friendly community
    View a map of bike friendly routes. Read More »
  • Community Recycle Drives
    Kern Green works with host organizations to organize a multitude of smaller community recycle drives throughout the year. Through these drives, it encourage the community to drop off their recyclables such as e-waste, cell phones, plastics, glass, paper, aluminum, old clothing, usable construction materials. Kern Green then redistributes this to organizations throughout the community.Read More »
  • Downtown Walking Tour
  • Energy Upgrade California
    Energy efficiency is great for the environment and great for your bank account.  Kern Green has partnered with Energy Upgrade California to work with local businesses and individuals to educate our community on the latest advances in energy efficiency.
  • Green Business Certification
    Kern County Certified Green Businesses have adopted green practices throughout business operations in order to reduce their environmental impact on the surrounding community. Read More
  • Green Schools Program
    Kern Green works with schools on creating recycling programs, hosting e-waste events, no idling programs, and air quality alerts. Kern Green has partnered with Central California Asthma Coalition and San Joaquin Valley Air District to provide information to schools for the San Joaquin Valley Air Pollution Control District’s Healthy Schools program. Read More »
  • Kern Green’s Sustainable School and Community Garden Education programs teach children and individuals in Kern County how to organize, plan, design and sustain their own school and community gardens. Gardens are a key resource to obesity prevention and healthy lifestyles education; they create hands on learning environment in an open-air classroom setting.
  • ContactSeedsofInspirationCommunityGarden  Seeds of Inspiration Community Garden is a “Grow together Share together Garden”. This means to gain access to fresh fruits and vegetables grown in the garden members must pay the annual fee and must volunteer no less than 2 hours per month in garden or community volunteer efforts, within or surrounding the garden areas. Read More »
  • Kern Green Awards Banquet
    This event is a way to celebrate the amazing achievements in sustainability practices within our community, both by businesses, and individuals. Read More »
  • Kern Green Newsletter
    Kern Green emails a monthly newsletter to over 3000 Kern County residents. This letter highlights environmental efforts in Kern County, provides environmental health and eco-tips for residents and businesses, and publicizes upcoming community events. Read More »
  • No Idling Campaign
    Schools have partnered with Kern Green for the Just Say No to Idling Campaign. Through this program, schools will be establishing a No Idling Zone to improve air quality and create a healthier environment for students. Read More »
  • Recycling to Zero Waste
    Kern Green works with businesses, schools, parents, teachers and administrators to help establish a robust recycling program with an educational component (i.e., teaching them about the environmental benefits of recycling through supporting material). Read More »
  • REEL Program
    The California Hub for Energy Efficiency Financing (CHEEF) is a public-private partnership among state agencies, utilities, lenders, contractors, and borrowers. The REEL program is the result of a decision made by the state of California who authorized the CHEEF to help California achieve its energy savings goals by increasing the availability of lower-cost financing for energy efficiency investments throughout the state.
  • Solar Energy
    Solar energy can be a great option but choosing the right company and financing can be a little complicated. Read the link on this page to compare national solar companies to get a better understanding what other customers have experienced and what would be a great option based on your preference. Read More »
  • Water Conservation
    Tips on how to conserve water. Read More »
  • Simply Soil-less by UpCycle Aquaponics Learn more about the simplicity and beauty of aquaponics and how growing can be accomplished in a limited area.
  • Mattress Recycling
    Learn more about the proper way to dispose of your old mattress and avoid it becoming another heap in the landfill. Read More »
  • CD Recycling