Granite Construction

Certified Date: Jan 01,1970

Granite Construction


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Integrating Sustainability

Granite fills an essential role in our nation by building infrastructure that supports prosperity and improves quality of life. The services we provide help drive the national flow of commerce, energy, supplies, and people. Our overarching goal is to deliver projects and supply construction materials while integrating the concepts of sustainability into the organization.

Six Pillars of Our Sustainability Efforts

We seek to grow an enduring and prosperous organization while delivering important projects to our customers. We accomplish our goals and maintain economic vitality while being respectful of people and the environment. We make measurable contributions in six key areas that have a positive impact on our stakeholders, our customers, and our country for generations to come. The focus areas that constitute the six pillars of our sustainability efforts include:

Sustained increase in public infrastructure investment

Zero complaints from affected community members

Zero materials or workmanship defects

Zero environmental incidents

Zero ethical breaches

Zero injuries

We Are Involved

Granite’s national leadership team is actively engaged as members of industry associations that promote our future growth. This activity comprises grassroots and trade organizations as well as advocacy efforts at the local, state, and federal levels. This Granite team promotes the need for adequate and sustainable public infrastructure funding to grow and improve our nation.