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What is a Certified Green Business?

Kern County Certified Green Businesses have adopted green practices throughout business operations in order to  reduce their environmental impact on the surrounding community.

In addition to its environmental benefits, the certification program also aims to lower operating costs by conserving resources.  It supports a socially just and environmentally responsible supply chain; creates healthier work places; and promotes eco-awareness throughout the day-to-day activities of participating businesses.

How Do Green Businesses Benefit?

Today’s green businesses are not just taking steps to reduce their environmental impact, they are making smart economic decisions that boost their bottom line. There are a number of benefits to greening your business’ daily operations, including:

  • Saving money by reducing energy and water use and lowering general operating costs
  • Standing out against competitors
  • Boosting marketability
  • Creating a healthier workplace and improving productivity
  • Adapting your business to a changing economic environment
  • Receiving discounts from program partners

Certified Green Businesses will receive a certificate acknowledging their certification status along with the Kern Green Certified Business Seal to display on print and digital marketing materials.

Benefits to the Region

As more businesses participate in the program, there is potential to dramatically improve air quality and attract the high quality workforce needed to expand economic growth throughout Kern County.

Getting Started

The Certified Green Business Program provides a step-by-step guide for integrating green practices into your daily operations.

Complete the KG Certified Green Business Application.

    Kern Green Business Certification Application

    Welcome to the Kern Green Business Certification program registration. Please complete
    the form below to initiate the process. You will receive a welcome letter after your registration has been received with detailed instructions on how to start the certification process.

    Should you have any questions, please contact or 661-412-3780

    Are you a corporate sponsor?

    Type of Business:

    Once you have received confirmation of your application submittal, download the KG CGB Checklist appropriate for your business:
    • The Checklist will guide you through green practices that target various sustainability standards. In some cases, documentation may be required to demonstrate your compliance or completion of certain green actions.
    • It is up to every business or organization to complete this Checklist. The faster you complete it, the faster you become a Certified Green Business.
    • Submit the completed KG CGB Checklist by email or fax.
    Fax: 661-829-8220
    4801 Calloway Drive, Ste 103 Bakersfield, CA 93312
    Once Checklist is received, a Kern Green Program Evaluator will contact you to schedule a verification appointment. It may take 4-6 weeks from the time your Checklist is submitted until an appointment is scheduled and Certification authorized.
    Once your checklist has been verified, you will receive an official Kern Green Certified green Business seal to display on electronic and print materials as we all as a sticker to display in your window.
    • Once complete, your certification is valid for one year.
    • Each certified business will receive information about renewal requirements and resources for continuing green efforts beyond the initial certification.
    That’s it, your business could become certified green in no time!