Drop-off Valet Service


The mission of the Student Valet Program is to create a safe environment for dropping off students, fosters campus-wide structure, develops leadership character traits in their participating fifth and sixth graders, promotes student service (volunteerism), and reduce air pollution.


The valet drop-off program runs 25 minutes everyday. It starts at 7:20am and finishes at 7:45am. Students from fifth and sixth grade are involved in the program. The Principal of the school starts with a brief introduction about the valet drop-off program to approximately 10-12 students at 7:10am. He assigns two roles to students: on-the-line and walkers. They have total of seven teams (10-12 students each team).

They have also two teachers participating in the valet drop-off program. Each stays at the right and left ends of the valet drop off area. They supervise students’ safety. If safety issues arise, students are instructed to raise their hand(s).


The students participating in the program, receive the following incentives:

  • Community service
  • Student Service Category
  • Leadership Opportunity
  • Pizza party


There is a designated location for families to drop off their children in the front of the school; this is called the valet drop off area. This area is posted with signs, cones, and outlined with paint. The valets are stationed at the far end of this location. The driver pulls into the valet drop off area and the valet flag the drivers toward them. When the first driver reaches the farthest valet, the valet signals the driver to stop. The trailing drivers are signaled to stop directly behind each other. Drivers need to make eye contact with on-the-line student. This is important to avoid accidents.

When the driver has made a complete stop, the valet will open the passenger door, greet the family with a “Good morning” and help exit the child/children and their backpacks out of the vehicle. On-the-line student should not hold the door the whole time while children are steeping out of the car. The valet will then tell the driver “Have a nice day” and close the vehicle door. The vehicles(in a line) will pull forward and out of the valet area.  The fluid motion will encourage drivers not to back up and try to maneuver around each other. On-the-line students are in charge of doing this. They are the ones wearing the yellow vest. The principal of the school designates eight students for this position.

Walkers – orange vest: the principal of the school designates two students for this position. They are sitting at the front line waiting to be called in case a student needs to be walked to a certain classroom. Walkers are more experienced than on-the-line students. They already served as on the line position the year before.


  • Drivers need to make eye contact with on-the-line students when driver has made a complete stop.
  • Only the student is to exit the vehicle.
  • The student must exit directly on to the curb and stay on the curb.
  • Students must exit immediately. This is not a time for morning instructions or good byes.
  • Honking in the valet zone is not permitted.
  • Pets are not allowed in the vehicle.
  • Follow all vehicle laws such as no cell phone use and no speeding.
  • Always pull as far forward as possible.

If you are unable to meet these expectations, then the valet program may not be right for you. Please use other areas of the campus to deliver your child to school.

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